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The Sergeant Alvin York Forum at Ft. Negley in Nashville, TN. was a big success. 
On Saturday morning 11-10-12, the seminar presentations at Ft. Negley went off withour a hitch. The Ft. Negley staff was wonderful and the setting was perfect;the room comfortably seated the 60+ people who were in attendance. Capt. Stan Carpenter did a fantastic job as the lead-off speaker and brought the American experience in WWI into perfect focus for the events of October 8, 1918. Then, Dr. Michael Birdwell presented wonderfully the Sgt. York: man vs. mythology dichotomy. The History Club from Tennessee Tech was present and enthusiastic about the seminar topics as well.  And finally, David Curry and DR. Tom Nolan did a great job with the presentation on the York battlefield Expeditions. The video clips presented by David Currey was perfectly delivered as the depliction of the international research efforts in France: six nations represented: Finally, Capt. Carpenter did a great job in the seminar conclusion presenting an explanation of why these events are pertinent today. 
The York family seemed pleased to be a part of the seminar. George and Betsy, were there ( son and daughter of Sgt. York)  and Gerald and Deborah were there representing the grandchildren. There were other friends and relatives too, and all were enthousiastic in there approval and support.