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Dr. David M. McCoy
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This innovative and interactive museum has many exciting plans for the future.

Rotating exhibits are planned to be shared with other museums across the nation.
Our first exhibit is now traveling all across  Tennessee.

Interactive components of the exhibits will be developed for iPads.

Interactive displays of artifacts will be done with  videos of the veterans  explaining the significance of the artifacts.

Military stories of  the veterans you seldom hear will be produced on videos told by the veterans themselves.

Look for more information about our next planned projects:

We are working with the Vietnam Graffiti project to bring the exhibit to Nashville.

We now have an exhibit at the Williamson County Museum and Archives in Franklin, TN.

We are working on a  new traveling exhibit with photos, cameras and artifacts such as a confirmation camera from a WWII Germans fighter pilot, the camera that was used to capture the surrender of the Japanese in WWII.