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Sgt. John Bakke's Trunk of Artifacts

This remarkable trunk group of artifacts is from the collection of Ordnance Sgt. John Bakke from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This man was an ordnance sergeant in the 32nd. Division/Red Arrow Division on the Western Front in the AEF in World War I. His uniform and helmet are the tip of the iceberg! All of the souvenirs are there just the way he put them away in the trunk with the Red Arrow insignia he made. The German insignia and helmet are remarkable but the crowning piece is his .45 semi-automatic pistol. He has framed the collection of German drawings with the inscription on the back: "These drawings were made by a German soldier killed in the Battle of the Marne in July 1918. I took these drawings out of his field pack and brought them home." John Bakke, 6080 North 38th. St. Milwaukee, WI.
" The English fight for Honor, the French for Glory, but the Americans fight for Souvenirs!"
Roy S. Durstine, 1918
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