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Dr. David McCoy

For the museum to tell and preserve history in a way that Mom will want to take the kids to visit, by tailoring the stories to the audience rather than the audience to the stories. With the use of artifacts from Pre-Revolutionary War all the way through Iraq and Afghanistan, we hope to create lasting experiences of history still being made by including the stories of all eras of the American Military. Lastly, we plan to cooperate with museums at all levels to share the message of the American military experience.
Our Vision
Introduction To Our Museum
Everyday our military heritage and the stories of those who shared in the experience are fading into obscurity. Many of the accounts and episodes are lost forever. Our hope, as a museum, is to preserve and maintain the artifacts and the stories they illustrate for future generations. The greatest message of patriotism and self sacrifice is best shared when these items and their stories are shared throughout the collectors and historians and general public communities. These were real people, heroes and scoundrels alike, who played their part in our history! They had experiences and feelings that blended together in a remarkable way to preserve our freedom in this land of opportunity we share today.
 Showcasing the experiences of the U.S. military soldiers from pre-revolution through the conflicts and wars we are now engaged.
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American Military Exhibits
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This German machine gun is part of our exhibit.